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Is Ireland TikTok’s Weak Ireland?

Experts have warned that Ireland risks becoming a weak link in European security should it fail to ban TikTok like other countries have. However, Simon Harris, Ireland’s Justice Minister said that he hasn’t received any security advice to ban TikTok on official devices, even after several other Governments did so. Declan Power says that Ireland … Read more

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Fáilte Ireland budgeted almost €300,000 for social media influencers

New information shows that Fáilte Ireland, the Irish government’s tourism authority, disbursed almost €300,000 in the past two years in exchange for marketing promotional work by social media influencers. The money went to 46 different people, paid out between August 2020 and December 2022. Individual fees went from €800 all the way to €15,000. Fáilte … Read more