How to Grow a Business in Ireland with Facebook Ads

Growing a business online can be really difficult especially if your target audience is not seeing it. But thankfully, you can use marketing tools like Facebook ads to make this easier and more rewarding.

For Irish entrepreneurs and everyone around the world that is looking for how to leverage Facebook advertisement, it is important you follow certain strategies so that your marketing efforts don’t go to waste. Being able to follow these strategies will give you a better understanding of the platform and you can use it to your advantage to reach more audience.


  1. Understand the Power of Facebook Advertising

Did you know that using Facebook ads means your ads have the potential to reach up to 2.17 billion people, which is almost 30% of the world’s population?

Well, it’s true.

Because Facebook has positioned itself as a powerful online marketing tool for businesses to leverage for social media.

In fact, it has a feature where you can connect your advert to Instagram and you won’t have to pay double. One interesting thing about Facebook is that it allows businesses to reach their target audience based on any demographic they want. These demographics can be Location, interests and other profile information.

The vast number of users on Facebook means businesses and startups can easily access it to create brand awareness and convert even if they don’t have a large advertising budget.

  • Setting Up for Facebook Advertising

Let’s look at how you can set up your Facebook advertising platform so easily and make your ads targeted.

  • Meta Business Suite: The first thing you need to do is to set up your Meta Business Suite Account to run ads. This platform allows businesses to easily manage their ad account, business pages and have access to important marketing tools. Once you are able to get this right, it is the first step to having successful ad campaigns.
  • Install the Meta Pixel: Some people might not be familiar with the Meta Pixel, but it is important for tracking whether your ads campaign is effective or not. It is used to connect your Facebook ads to your website and will give you a breakdown of all the actions visitors take when they click on your ads. Businesses using platforms like Shopify can integrate the Meta pixel, which is quite straightforward.
  • Audience Targeting

One of the mistakes many businesses make is not making targeted ads.

Since you know your target audience, you can run ads that will target them so you don’t waste funds on ads that are not effective. Make use of Facebook’s audience feature in the Meta Business Suite to choose your target audience.

You can select the audience using their specific demographics like location, interests, and other crucial parameters, that’ll make your ads effective and most likely to convert.

  • Facebook Ad Types and Formats

Using the target audience, choose an ad type that will attract their attention.

Thankfully, Facebook has different ad formats like image, video, carousel, instant experience, collection, lead, slideshow, stories, and messenger ads.

Choose the one that’ll best convey your message and campaign goals. The kind of ad format you choose can impact the effectiveness of your campaign.

  • Free Advertising Tactics

Though paid advertising can boost your business and increase its reach. You can also leverage organic tactics to save the cost of advertising.

You should:

  • Create and Optimize a Facebook Business Page: Verify that your business page is well optimized so it’ll increase your organic reach and ensure your visitors get all the information they need about your products and services.
  • Share Valuable Content: Do not leave your page inactive. Make sure you regularly share valuable content that’ll keep your audience engaged and also propel them to share because of how valuable it is. This is very effective in building brand visibility.
  • Leverage Facebook Livestream: Using Facebook live sessions and sharing tutorials or doing a Q&A will keep your audience engaged in real-time, increase their trust in your brand and showcase your expertise.
  • Invite Friends and Family to Share: Leverage your close network and encourage them to share your content so you can have a wider reach and tap into newer audiences.
  • Cost and Budgeting

Always have a good budget for your Facebook ads because the costs may vary on different factors. These factors can be the level of audience targeting, ad placement, campaign duration, industry competitiveness, time of year, and geographic location.

Whoever it is, regularly review it and adjust your strategies when necessary.


Facebook advertising is very effective when done right. You can use it to boost your online business without having to spend so much.

But remember, you need to make sure that you’re showing your ads to the right audience so you can get a return on your investment, and continuously optimize your campaigns for the best results.

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