Ireland’s Viral Videos on Tik Tok in 2022

TikTok has revealed which were the most popular viral videos in Ireland for 2022 that span everything from lifestyle tips and food recipes, to fashion along with the instantly meme-worthy moments in popular culture. So, who’s social media management did best?

TikTok held its very first in-person event at EPIC Museum in Dublin where some of the biggest and brightest stars on the platform were celebrated. Among the guests were Killian Sundermann, Keilidh Cashell, Donal Skehan, and many more.

The list is both an insightful and familiar summary of how people in Ireland spent their time online in 2022 and the memes that kept everyone laughing, from the iconic ‘Don’t make unnecessary journeys’ line by Teresa Mannion to ‘protein bor’ community by James Doyle.

The creators that people turned to for inspiration were also highlighted, from Donal Skehan along with his numerous easy-to-make yet delicious recipes to Sophie Murray’s seemingly limitless supply of fashion inspiration.

Of course, there were also the so-called “comfort” accounts, which are the ones that people seek out when they need an extra shot of dopamine in their day, such as Seal Rescue Ireland along with their lovely community of seals.

Speaking about the year that has passed (2022), TikTok’s head of SMB for EMEA, Lisa Friedrich stated that the company was honored to celebrate both the Irish and global TikTok community that shaped the year’s trends, learned from one another, shared new ideas, and turned their passions into livelihoods and careers.

She went on to state that throughout the year, TikTok creators in Ireland continued to inspire, connect, and entertain, not only in Ireland but also throughout the globe. TikTok creativity and joy are infused into numerous aspects of Irish society and culture.

Lise concluded by saying that the TikTok proud to have seen such a large number of creators in Ireland emerge and thrive on the platform in 2022. She expressed the company’s optimism in the growth of the TikTok creator community in Ireland and throughout the world in 2023 and beyond.

The most popular TikTok videos in Ireland in 2022

  • @fewcans: Entertainment, Comedy, and Beauty Creator
  • @donalskehan: A Famous Irish Chef
  • @gardenerbros: Irish Duo of Dancing Brothers
  • @sealrescueireland: A Popular NGO in Ireland with a Massive Following on TikTok
  • @sophie_murraayy: A Fashion and Beauty Blogger.

The most popular life hacks and lessons creators on TikTok in Ireland:

  • @sean_flanagannn: Mental Health Awareness Advocate
  • @irishbudgeting: Budgeting Creator that Shares Money-Saving Hacks
  • @simonescribes: A Beauty Creator that Focuses on Skincare
  • @kerrycowboy: A Farming Creator/Irish-Speaking Creator
  • @mirendarosenberg: Focus on Sustainable Living in Donegal.

The most viewed artists on TikTok:

  • @a9offica: 145,000 Followers
  • @sammycopley: Over 90,000 Followers
  • @picturethis: Over 70,000 Followers
  • @bradheidi: 199,000 Followers
  • @beltersonly: 60,000 Followers
  • @ryanmackmusic: 1,800,000 Followers
  • @alliesherlock: Over 318,000 Followers
  • @niallhoran: Over 4,800,000 Followers
  • @robertgracemusic: 2,300,000 Followers.

The breakout TikTok Stars of 2022:

  • @makeupbyjade_1: A Renowned Makeup Creator
  • @kategrantmodel: Kate is a successful Tyrone-based model with Down Syndrome
  • @itz_jacob_33: A Transgender Creator that Documented His Transition Online to Help Others
  • @pintof plane: A Traditional Irish Woodwork and Tool Restorer
  • @fromnorthtosouth: A Same-Sex Couple that Travels Throughout Ireland, Giving Honest Reviews.

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