Are Social Media Blue Ticks Worth the Money?

There have been a lot of serious changes on Twitter since Elon Musk bought the social media platform. There have been a lot of people questioning whether the changes were worth it. With the Twitter Blue subscription or the new prices, Twitter has been changing the approach they are taking. These changes made to the platform have led to seriously mixed reactions.

Research done by ExpressVPN showed that Twitter can easily lose its followers after the changes they have been making on the platform. The predictions show that they can end up losing up to 33 million users across the globe by 2024. Twitter also has the risk of losing 6% of its US users at the end of 2023. The company has also laid off a huge number of employees recently. The future of Twitter is not clear and things are becoming rocky for the platform. Is their Twitter Blue going to be the thing that saves the social media platform?

How Has the Platform Changed Since the Take Over?

There have been serious changes happening on the platforms after Elon Musk bought the company. There was a huge layoff that affected a lot of employees, they introduced a premium version of the app and some other changes. Twitter has been truly changing. One of the most notable changes that the platform has gone through is Twitter Blue being introduced. This is a premium version for users who want more features from Twitter.

Is a Twitter Blue Subscription Worth it?

Elon Musk introduced the subscription model when he bought Twitter. He started making changes the moment he took over the platform. The feature was introduced a couple of weeks after, and it allowed Twitter users to get a verification tick when they subscribed to Twitter Blue. Users have to pay eight dollars when subscribing from their PC or 11 dollars when subscribing on an Android or iOS.

Before discussing whether this is a good investment to make, we have to first look at some of the perks it comes with. Other than giving users a Blue or Gold tick on their profile, Twitter Blue is going to let them edit tweets even after they have posted the tweet. It is also possible for them to undo tweets, access top articles, bookmark folders, customize the Twitter interface, upload longer videos, upload an NFT profile picture, and customize the Twitter interface.

Twitter Blue might be a great tool for creators or brand accounts that have a huge following. These features aren’t that great for those who don’t spend much time on social media platforms. Most of the perks that come with the subscription are letting users customize how their profile looks or features like editing content they have posted. This is going to be worth it for people with a huge following. It is up to you to decide whether these perks are that important for you.


There is no denying that Twitter Blue started to get some positive reviews after it was launched. There are a lot of users out there who have been reluctant to subscribe to Twitter Blue because they consider the price to be too high. Even if the features offered are worth the money, many users don’t need to have a blue tick on their profile just to get the benefits of the platform.

Twitter Blue can be a good tool for businesses; however, brands aren’t that keen to spend money on Twitter Blue to access the perks being offered. This is still a new feature on social media platforms, and users are still thinking about whether to subscribe to Twitter blue or not. You are the one to decide whether it makes sense to you or not.

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