PPC Agency Dublin

A PPC Agency That Prioritizes Profit Over Traffic

It’s not uncommon for modern PPC advertising agencies to focus heavily on traffic and forget about the importance of profit entirely. At eCentres PPC, we take the exact opposite approach. Our firm employs qualified experts in Google Ads and Analytics to create unique marketing strategies that prioritize profit over traffic for our clients. We work hands-on with all PPC campaigns starting from strategy outlines to final reports.

Our Team and Pay Per Click Advertising

Our team has worked long and hard to become one of the most experienced and successful PPC management services in the country. Individual expertise includes digital marketing strategy, PPC advertising, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and digital display marketing. We utilize all of these skill sets when working with clients, partner marketing agencies, shareholders, and in-house marketing teams. In each case, we emphasize profit over traffic to help businesses build profits and spread brand awareness via paid search campaigns.

Our marketing agency is located in Dublin and we proudly serve clients throughout the Republic of Ireland and around the globe. We are a proud, experienced, and transparent advertising agency. Not only do we help clients strengthen their profits, but we also strive to provide education and understanding so that companies can continue to thrive in our absence. Whatever your current business goal is; whether it’s driving profits, building traffic, or spreading brand awareness, our PPC agency can help you every step of the way via our PPC campaigns via Google adwords and Bing ads

Of course, if you’re new to PPC advertising and digital marketing, then it’s important to start at the beginning.

What Even is PPC?

PPC is an online advertising strategy known as Pay Per Click advertising. As the name implies, the cost of the advertisements is directly tied to the number of people who click on them. PPC has been an effective advertising strategy that has been used by thousands of companies for more than 20 years. It remains one of the best techniques to build leads from a highly targeted audience. With a strong PPC strategy that emphasizes profits over traffic, you can easily build revenue and surpass the competition.

PPC agencies like ours utilise a holistic approach to PPC incorporating social media and SEO backlinks and techniques to get you more traffic in Google Analytics and get you in front of relevant audiences. Our marketing efforts are there to help get you qualified customers from search engines and help you reach your business goals.

As a PPC partner we’ll find your target audience and increase the number of potential customers arriving as website visitors. Our aim is to offer exceptional results at as low of ad spend as possible.

So, contact us today and grow your sales – you may even be TOV voucher eligible