Best Practice Tips For Creating Backlinks

Looking to create some good backlinks to your site to drive refferal traffic and rank? We’ve some great tips here to help you do so learned from years offering link creation services.

  1. Let Other Persons Credit Their Work

There are many persons who are always trying to create portfolios to show off their work such as entrepreneurs, copywriters etc. In many cases, their portfolio will have a backlink to your site so that the people who view their work can also look at the work of the service provider.

When you allow these type of backlinks, it will help the person who worked with you. It will also have a positive impact on your own search engine rankings.

  1. Create Content That Is Easily Shareable

Shareable content is exactly what it sounds like, content that can be easily shared. This type of content helps you to push your knowledge and expertise to others online. Basically, it will allow your website to receive backlinks from lots of different websites as well as platforms. Some types of shareable content include eBooks, blog posts, infographics etc. Essentially, it is any type of content that can be shared that has a CTA or call to action where the viewer is asked to share it if they liked it.

Pinterest is an excellent platform to get new backlinks. You can post case studies, infographics, photos, posts etc on your Pinterest board, however, make sure that you include the link back to your site. Once persons find your work and they enjoy it or find it helpful, then they will likely post it on their own website with a backlink to your site.

You can do outreach via social media and simply use hashtags in order to target people that fall within your audience and niche.

  1. Create Backlinks From Your Website

Next, you can create other types of shareable content. For example, you can make your own extremely well researched posts that includes links to good content in a particular niche. A good example of this is creating a post showing off your favorite CRM tools or even blogs. In this post, you will be able to link to high quality website and web content. Then, it is highly likely that those websites will share the post where they are highlighted and provide a backlink to your site.

When you are creating backlinks, you should always strive to do your best. So, it is always wise to shout out to other content creators, websites, products etc that enrich your own life.

Also, you can do content round ups that contain lots of helpful tips for a particular topic. It is possible to find good content on Feedly. This website allows you to easily sort through lots of content to find posts that are on the topic or niche you’re interested in. It is a good idea to develop a content round up about once per week so that you can keep your own visitors updated. Also, you should always link to the websites that you mention in your roundup.

  1. Do More Guest Posts

A great way to how off your expertise in your industry is to write guest posts. This will not only help you to show off your expertise but also allow you to create good quality backlinks. The vast majority of websites have an area at the top or bottom of the post where the guest post writer’s biography and backlink can be placed.

When writing guest posts, you’ll not only be able to show off your knowledge but you will also be able to collaborate with other people in your niche. This will help to improve your brand and build a strong rapport with these individuals. Outreaching to highly successful websites is scary, however, it is worth the effort if you are able to successfully do guest posts for them.

  1. Network

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, you’ve likely been told to network heavily to be successful. In the digital space, networking is possible through Facebook and LinkedIn.

The benefits of networking are quite high as you’ll be able to do guest posts, develop close professional relationships with other persons and brands in your niche, share your content, get backlinks from authoritative websites etc.

This is a very valuable activity for all parties and should be a core part of your business strategy.