Link Acquisition

Backlinks Explained And Why You Want Good Ones

If you are able to obtain inbound backlinks from the website, preferably one on the same topic is yours, you can benefit from the many blog posts and webpages that are out there. It’s a type of the boat, or stamp of approval, that you essentially received from these websites when backlinks are provided.

Backlinks are also a great way of participating in the great search engine optimization puzzle and are essential to getting better results. Higher authority backlinks, for example, will allow you to rank higher than ever before. You want to convey to the search engines that the information you are presenting is completely trustworthy. Our link acquisition help in Ireland have been created to do just this.

Let’s look at how you can set up multiple backlinks quickly.

Tip 1: Improve Your Page Speed Load Times

The key to the strategy is to load your pages as quickly as possible. This can often be displayed on a progress bar.
Although this is seemingly a small point, it’s actually a very important one. Websites really don’t like linking to content that is going to take a long time to load. Therefore, improve your site loading speed.

How to improve loading times for your website:

  • Minimize all of your redirects
  • Optimize your images
  • Enable the best compression
  • Simplify all of the backend code
  • Limit JavaScript usage
  • Utilize your browser cache
  • Use a CDN (content delivery network)

Faster page load times are the hallmark of a quality website and, from a basic standpoint, represents good SEO.

Tip 2: Make Your Content Easier to Scan

SEO backlink strategy #2 – The content that you create should be easy to scan and read quickly. It is something that people are looking for online.
How readers scan. To do this, you simply scan through the document. They really don’t want to see a solid sheet of text. You need to make it easy to read. Once you do this, they will be more likely to come back to your material.

It is true that most people that visit your website are not going to read everything according to the Neilson Norman Group. They are going to skim through everything. If they see something of interest, they will read a bit more carefully. Additionally, the content needs to be presented in an attractive manner.

This is how you can do this:

  • H1, H2, H3, and other text designations should be used for your header tags.
  • Use bold when using hyperlinks
  • Bold certain areas of the tax that are very important
  • Use graphics as much is possible to augment the content
  • Short paragraphs and sentences are applicable
  • Use a list, or some type of a bulleted list, to break up the content

By combining all of the strategies together, it’s going to make it easier for the reader to digest your information. It’s going to be easier to skim through compared to simply having a lot of text. This will also help you organize your content better as you are trying to develop your backlink strategy.

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Tip 3: Optimize Your Meta Titles and Descriptions

SEO backlink strategy #3 – Metadata needs to be organized as well. This should contain angle brackets and link icons.
All of the work that you have done should be easy to skim, but it’s also important to consider the meta-tags because this is how your website will be analyzed by the search engines.

What you will need to do is consider your descriptions and titles. If you have done this correctly, your click through rates will increase dramatically. However, if your metadata is not done properly, this could be extremely problematic.

You need to consider many different aspects of this process which will include what the search results will look like when someone finds it. The URLs in the metadata need to be properly configured, along with the meta-descriptions.

When you do your descriptions and titles with metadata, your click through rates can be extremely good if you have done this appropriately. If you don’t include them, or if you are only including your Meta title, it simply not good enough to achieve top rankings. The titles and descriptions need to be relevant to what it is that you are presenting.

Four things that must be done to your Meta titles and descriptions:

  • Make sure that you do have metadata.
  • Always use direct and clear information
  • Use a descriptive image that is relevant to the content
  • Schema markups must be included as you present your information
  • Every Meta title and tag must be appealing and concise. Everything must be straightforward to help your readers understand why it is that they will want to click through to your website.