The Most Effective Way To Create Backlinks

Most people are aware of the importance of backlinks if you are doing any form of digital marketing. You can find examples of this all of the web. So exactly how can you add backlinks to your website? One of the easiest ways to improve your search engine optimization results is to do the following according to our link acquisition and building specialists at eCentres:

Help A Reporter Out (HARO)
Help A Reporter Out originates from Cision which is a public relations company that is quite large. Journalists from this company are able to print information for those that are seeking quotes on certain topics.

They will actually send several emails every day in different categories. The relevancy of that information can lead you to a journalist that can provide you with a response. This is a somewhat time-consuming strategy, and albeit long term, yet it is a great way to get backlinks.

Outdated Content
The domain name of a website can change constantly, and when this happens, some of the content that has backlinks pointing to it will not be there any longer. You could have broken because it’s not available. Therefore, you can increase your own backlinks by simply taking advantage of these broken links that are now available. This is how you can use the strategy:

The first thing that you will need to do is find websites that are no longer using a URL, domain name, or offering a certain product or service because they are no longer in business.
If you can find an outdated link that is pointing to a website, this is a very good strategy to use. There are tools that you can use to find these links. Once you have found the ones with the highest domain authority, you should use those.

Once you have found this information, contact the owner of the content that is no longer there. You can tell them there’s an error and if they want to, they can link directly to your website instead.
This strategy takes time, but you will get good backlinks. It’s something that you could easily outsource to build relationships with industry leaders using the strategy. Since it does take a lot of time, try to get the best links. Here are some best practices for creating backlinks.

Influencer Marketing
Ragging at the top of the search engines is going to be possible that you are choosing the right types of keywords. You can use phrases that can help you reach certain industries, using buzzwords that people are searching for. That’s exactly where influencer marketing is so powerful.

You can do this by choosing resource pages that have higher authority, build listicles and also blog posts that will generate a lot of reviews and comments. Once you have several of these posts up on the Internet, you can use them for backlinks for future projects. Once you have many of these posts up, your search engine optimization strategy will be improved upon greatly.

You should also look for posts that are relevant to your niche looking for certain words like:

  • Helpful resources
  • Additional resources
  • Further reading
  • Useful resources

Our software will be able to use these keywords in order to find the best links for you. You can then begin to pitch your offer to those that own the content to get a backlink from them.

Skyscraper Content
Brian Dean at Backlinko is the one who came up with this phrase which essentially refers to a way to get a top ranking on Google. It seems easy but it is time-consuming. Here is how it works:

You’re going to first search for the keyword that you want to rank for. An example of this would be “how to get backlinks on demand”. Once you have done that, you are going to see which article is at the top list of all of the articles for that keyword search term. There are many strategies that you can use to get the top spot including those that are presented in his 7 New Strategies series from 2020. The combination of relevant keywords, plus a link, can lead to higher rankings on the search engines.

If you want to utilize this content to the fullest extent, you can promote it on multiple marketing platforms. You could post on social media, ask people to share your link, and even do a little bit of email marketing.

Testimonials And Case Studies
There are many services and tools that you can use to get better rankings including showcase studies, reviews, and testimonials. If you have had a positive experience, you may want to write about it. If they like it, those that read it and want to share, it may provide you with a link pointing back to your website where the post is currently listed.