Reputation Management Ireland

Reputation and crisis management is one of the biggest concerns for most brands and individuals today.

As we rapidly evolve into a more digital world, executives and successful individuals are under scrutiny now more than ever with their reputation being exposed to a whole new range of threats. But at the same time, there are many new opportunities and fresh ways for individuals to bolster their reputation and standing, creatively differentiating themselves from the competition.

Our Reputation Management team in Ireland is strategic, quick-to-act, and discreet. We stay on top of your reputation management with our reputation management service, ensuring you have a creative solution to every emergent risk. All our team members are focused, media-savvy, and technical. If you need help with your reputation, we’re here to get you through the issues you face.

Did You Know – Reputation Management Facts?

  1. Impact on Business: According to a study by the World Economic Forum, about 25% of a company’s market value is directly attributable to its reputation. This highlights the significant financial value of reputation.
  2. Consumer Behavior: A survey by BrightLocal found that 87% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2020, up from 81% in 2019. This trend underscores the growing importance of online reputation.
  3. Online Reviews: The same survey revealed that a majority of consumers only pay attention to reviews written in the last 2 weeks, emphasizing the need for ongoing reputation management. Here’s a guide to best practices to gather reviews
  4. Trust Factor: A report by Edelman Trust Barometer indicated that trust in a brand is a deciding factor for 81% of consumers when making a purchase.

Build a Strong Reputation in Ireland with these Basic Reputation Management Tips

To build a solid online reputation, you first need to have at least a website or social profile up and running. But if you don’t worry. Here is a brief guide on what you need to do when it comes to protecting your name and brand online via proactive and retroactive strategies.

Register your name as a domain name

When a person is interested in finding out more about you online, the first thing that they will do is to perform a search using your name. Your personal name is thus, very important. If you haven’t yet secured your personal name as a domain, you need to do so.

However, given that the world has a population of over 7 billion people, it is highly likely that there are a number of people that share the same name as you. Thus, it is crucial that you act swiftly and secure your domain name before it is snatched up. In case the dot-com version has already been taken consider other options like dot-org or dot-net.

Create a website or blog

Once you have registered your domain name, your next step should be to create a small website or blog to showcase yourself and your personal brand. A domain name in your personal name combined with some online content to represent is an excellent first step towards ranking higher on Google.

The process of setting up your own website is quite easy especially if you are using a drag-and-drop site creator or a CMS such as WordPress. Ensure to add some useful and relevant information to your site that showcases your knowledge and expertise. Also, remember to link out to your various social profiles.

Rank your social profiles in Google – Great Reputation Management Ireland

Google has a fond relationship with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, which makes it quite easy to rank these social profiles. The point is to rank for all of the main page’s organic listings around your personal name. Fortunately, increasing the rankings of your social profile pages is quite easy. You just need to link to and share your social profiles as much as possible.

It is important to ensure that both your domain name and social profile account usernames use your exact name. This will make it much easier for Google algorithms to rank your social profiles and site on the first page of Google. Consistency is crucial when it comes to Google rankings. The best sort of damage control is prevention.

Direct social promotions and backlinks to your authority articles benefit Reputation Managme

Now you are just a few steps closer to securing the entire first page of Google’s organic search results. Here, you will need to be a little more creative. Have you ever written an article for another authority site? Or have you ever been interviewed as an expert on a subject matter? This is the perfect time to start promoting them.

In most cases, the higher the rankings of the authority site, the easier it will be for your name to rank higher in Google.

Reputation management in Ireland is about making proper arrangements and preparations for every problematic scenario.

The best reputation management and emergency strategy is the one that you will never need to use. When you invest the time and effort to properly protect and secure the first page of the organic search engine results around your name, you won’t have to worry about someone else coming into the scene and impacting your standing.

What’s more, this will provide the best experience and information to people or brands searching your name on Google.

If you’re looking for reputation management services in Ireland – we’re here to help.