SEO Services in Ireland


ECentres is an Irish-based company that provides both PPC and SEO services across Ireland. Our clients benefit from tailored marketing campaign development, deployment, and management. 

We have dozens of loyal customers who’ve chosen us to be their Irish SEO service providers year after year. Businesses across the capital depend on us for online visibility boosting via best practices.

We use our expert knowledge and industry experience to design and implement strategies we know will increase each client’s website traffic, visitor conversions, and sales figures. When it comes to local SEO services, our Irish – focused company knows exactly what businesses need to see fast results and we’re always ready to put our knowledge into practice.


Our goal is to help clients increase online visibility and gain more easily convertible leads. With our optimized social media and search engine marketing campaigns, businesses will quickly see more traction online. Our in-house teams are experts when it comes to digital assets and knows how to analyze your online competition. We provide clients with effective SEO campaigns tailored to their marketing budgets.

Here are some stats to highlight the importance of top positions within search results:

• 9 out of 10 search engine users never go beyond page one of results.

• Three-quarters of search engine users never click a link below the 5th highest ranked position.

• Website in the #1 position on SERPs attract 40% of the traffic.

SEO Services In Ireland

Our SEO services in Ireland serve all Ireland’s businesses and will ensure your website is optimized for the best organic search engine results page rankings, that you’ve done the best keyword research possible and that you have a quality link building service at your disposal – all of which is done in house. We are passionate about using ethical practices and only use marketing strategies that will enhance your business’s image. We can also provide local SEO services to national and international clients thanks to our extensive industry knowledge.

Schedule a free consultation with us to discover how we can help you expand your Irish-based business today. Alternatively, keep reading to learn more about us and our SEO services in Ireland.