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ECentres is an Irish-based company that provides both PPC and SEO services across Dublin and the Island of Ireland. Our clients benefit from tailored digital marketing campaign development, deployment, and management. 

We have dozens of loyal customers who’ve chosen us to be their Irish SEO service providers year after year. Businesses across the capital depend on us for online visibility boosting via best practices everything from technical SEO to building of editorial links.

We use our expert knowledge and industry experience to design and implement a digital marketing strategy we know will increase each client’s website traffic, visitor conversions, and sales figures. When it comes to local SEO, our Irish – focused SEO company knows exactly what businesses need to see fast results and we’re always ready to put our knowledge into practice.


Our SEO company services many businesses and our goal is to help clients increase online visibility and gain more easily convertible leads. With our optimized social media and search engine digital marketing campaigns, businesses will quickly see more traction online. Our in-house teams are experts when it comes to digital assets and knows how to analyze your online competition. We provide clients with effective SEO campaigns tailored to their marketing budgets, whether local SEO, ecommerce SEO services or national campaigns.

Here are some stats to highlight the importance of top positions within search results:

• 9 out of 10 search engine users never go beyond page one of results.

• Three-quarters of search engine users never click a link below the 5th highest ranked position.

• Website in the #1 position on SERPs attract 40% of the traffic.

SEO Services In Dublin

Our SEO services in Dublin serve all Ireland’s businesses and will ensure your website is optimized for the best organic search engine results page rankings, that you’ve done the best keyword research possible and that you have a quality link creation service at your disposal – all of which is done in house. We are passionate about using ethical practices and only use digital marketing strategies that will enhance your business’s image and improve your web pages position. We can also provide local SEO help to national and international SEO clients thanks to our extensive industry knowledge. Combine this with Google ads for a potent mix for your business online.

Schedule a free consultation with our SEO consultants to discover how we can help you expand your Irish-based business today via local SEO or national SEO. Alternatively, keep reading to learn more about us and our SEO services in Dublin.

Why Choose Our SEO in Dublin for your Business?

Every business owner understands the importance of growing their business through various digital marketing channels. One of the most talked about digital marketing channels is SEO and as a national, international or local business owner, you must be wondering whether there is real value in SEO and if it’s worth investing in, and whether it’s going to help you grow your business.

In this article, we will explore a few major benefits of investment in a Dublin agency for SEO like ours for businesses leading to enhanced visibility and an increase in reach and organic traffic

More Targeted Traffic and Higher Visibility for SEO Dublin

One of the biggest advantages of a a solid SEO strategy and investment in SEO is high organic visibility which essentially means an increase in organic website traffic. SEO results in highly targeted traffic. An effective digital marketing strategy will help targeted audience discover your webpages through related search queries. SEO Dublin can be competitive, but we’ve dealt with many tough international search terms and ranked

Since the users of search engines are already searching for information offered on your website, high organic visibility essentially translates in to high-quality targeted traffic without the need to persuade and entice the visitors.

SEO Dublin Offers Excellent Return on Investment

One of the major priorities of businesses is ROI when they evaluate various digital marketing channels. It is true that optimizing for search engines takes time to deliver results but eventually, a high-quality strategy results in an impressive return on investment.

Leads generated from search engines have a closing rate of around 14.6% which is a full 12% more than traditional marketing efforts. Having said that, you’re unlikely to get any organic traffic or leads if your website is not ranking at the first page.

The top result in Google typically gets 33% of all the traffic for that particular keyword. In simple terms, visibility in search engines is directly correlated to more traffic and an increase in revenue leading to high ROI.

An Increase in Trust & Credibility

People trust the search results on Google and if web pages are there on the first page of search results, it will organically boost your credibility. A variety of factors, on page as well as off page, are used by Google search for ranking websites.

Some of these factors include website speed, mobile usability and created content, among others. Most consumers do not pay attention to these signals but they trust Google to deliver quality content at the top of search results which means that they have an implicit trust in Google’s algorithms.

It is also a well-known fact that more than three quarters of search engine users only check the first page of results.

Visibility in organic search results develops trust and combined with a high quality product or service, leads to better credibility.

Dublin SEO Services Work 24 x 7

The efforts you put into search engine optimisation do not stop working after you do. After all, a content piece that has been produced and posted will always remain there and won’t simply disappear as is the case with paid advertising.

Organic rankings keep sending traffic to your website 24 x 7. Do not forget that there are at least 60,000 searches happening on Google every second. Also, search engine optimization is a completely unique marketing channel as it provides the potential to reach audience that are actively searching for a product or service you offer.

You can’t compare it to billboard on the highway that may or may not be noticed.

It Covers All Aspects of a Sales Funnel

SEO driven content marketing targets a huge variety of content types that cover all aspects of a sales funnel. It is true that you shouldn’t expect conversion with a blog post but such content helps in creating awareness leading to brand loyalty and ultimately, these are the traits that lead to conversion.

Our SEO Company in Dublin will help You Reach Targeted Audience

It is not only effective for organizations targeting a single audience type. It is also effective for organizations that target a variety of audiences while providing the same service.

Take the example of a pool installation company. They typically offer services to both commercial customers and homeowners.

Search engine optimization allows businesses to reach all kinds of audiences through keyword research focused on intent. In case of a pool installation company, different audience segments could be targeted through two different pages with one targeting the residential services and another page for commercial services.

Optimization of User Experience

Search engine optimisation is focused on a variety of factors and one of the most critical components is user experience. Many experts agree that user experience is a major part of Google ranking algorithms and a positive user experience generally leads to success in attracting organic traffic.

Users on Google expect answers instantly. If a visitor from Google goes to a website and does not have a good user experience — such as a number of pop-ups or website not working on their mobile phone — are likely to go back to search results within a few seconds.

This is measured as bounce rate and if the bounce rate is high, Google takes it as a sign that users don’t find the result valuable which often leads to a loss in rankings. Our SEO company in Dublin will prevent this being an issue via savvy our SEO strategies and great content marketing.

SEO Also Leads to Better PPC Results

SEO work and PPC services work great together and social media marketing also has its place. Websites that rank at the top of organic search results as well as paid results provide additional opportunities to get targeted traffic which translates to higher credibility. Also, data obtained from organic search results can be used for optimizing PPC strategy and this help search engine rankings.

It’s a Long-Term Strategy used by Digital Marketing Agencies for Years

A high-quality SEO strategy is capable of delivering significant results within the first 12 months. Having said that, you should know that SEO efforts compound over time which means you will keep benefiting from enhanced results for several more years.

The effectiveness of search engine optimisation as well as the return on investment is directly related to the time, effort and money put into it. Stay away from any SEO company promising instant results.

Executing a well researched search engine optimisation strategy including web design changes, content creation and on page SEO takes time. Also, Google’s algorithms keep changing and keeping track of those changes takes a lot of time. This is why businesses should view agency for SEO services as an investment in their business that is capable of delivering a high return over the long term.

Enhanced Search Visibility with SEO

There is no denying that today’s business landscape is dominated by digital. No organizations can afford to be not present online. Having said that, if your business website is not at the top of search results for keywords related to your business, it effectively means that you don’t exist. These days, SEO services have become critical to maintain a brand identity and our SEO team is here to help.

How to Hire an SEO Services in Dublin

Too often, we come across great potential clients, but unfortunately, they do not know how to go about the process of hiring an SEO company. Most of them tend to ask standard questions such as:

-How big is your search engine optimisation agency?
-Have you ever worked in my industry?
-How much do you charge for SEO services?

While there’s nothing with asking these questions, they will barely help you make a good final decision. A reputable SEO Services will tell you they haven’t worked in guppy sales before, making it likely that you will hire the wrong professional.

So, instead, consider the following tips when hunting for an SEO professional that will match your needs:

  1. Can you tell me about your SEO process in under a minute? If they are able to do it and it makes sense to you, then you are on the right path. However, if what they say is not comprehensible, ask for an explanation and if you still can’t understand, they are not doing their job right.
  2. How long have you been in the SEO industry? If you get an answer like over 20 years, chances are they are lying. If the answer is less than two years, ask how they learned SEO.
  3. How do you get inbound links? If they tell you it’s a trade secret, chances are they use unscrupulous methods to get links, and you are better off elsewhere. We offer an excellent link acquisition service and have both national and international link creation experience.
  4. How do you gauge success? If their answer is solely rankings and search results, that’s a red flag. However, if they include aspects like sales or traffic, you might be in good hands.
  5. Go through the SEO companies blog. If you find that you’re spending hours trying to understand their content, then you are better off with other SEO agencies SEO is mostly about communication skills, and if they lack in this aspect for their content and on page SEO, chances are yours won’t be any better.
  6. Check their home page’s title tag. This is the text found on the top bar of the web browser. If they are not among the top ranking for that term, inquire about it. Great SEO companies know that it is important to rank high for their title tag if they are expected to do an excellent SEO job for their clients.
  7. Ask them to set goals. This is an excellent initial test. Ask them to include at least three goals in the proposal that you can use to judge their results. Stress that they will be held to the goals and to, therefore, avoid unreasonable ones. An SEO audit is the best way to start any SEO work
  8. Ask them to describe, in detail, how their SEO Services agency will go about the SEO campaign for your company. Keep in mind that you will be paying most SEO agencies thousands of Euros, and so, it is important to have a solid proposal that explains the process step-by-step and in a way that you and your team will understand. All SEO solutions should begin with an SEO audit and then comprehensive keyword research before technical SEO via further SEO audits and content creation can begin and search results improve.
  9. SEO services cost also matters – some companies charge very little and you will see results quickly but these seldom last. Largely speaking you pay for what you get from a digital marketing company and your search results. This can then be followed up with building links for target keywords to be hit.

If you need help with internet marketing, our SEO services Dublin we’re here to help – so contact Dublin’s best SEO company for help today.