Professional SEO Audits

We believe in providing a quality service, which is why our SEO audits use both technology and human skills to deliver a comprehensive experience! Our experts will view and analyze your website for a number of different factors including issues and obstacles that may prevent better rankings, and ultimately, we will discuss opportunities to help your visibility. Using cutting edge technology and highly-rated tools, we can perform a thorough analysis of your website to ensure no important key elements are lacking.

What We Include In Our Technical SEO Audits

turned on monitoring screen

When your website ranks in search results, there are hundreds of small nuanced factors that determine its placement. We use our experience and expertise to perform a technical audit that will encompass a wide range of different elements such as:

  • Accessibility and responsiveness of your website during loading times.
  • Potential indexing issues found on different pages that may negatively impact your visibility.
  • Professionally compiled feedback to offer insight on the overall website’s structure and its usability.
  • Scan the website to ensure that there are no missing pages or error codes as well as security breaches. This includes ensuring that the site has secured HTTPS and up-to-date SSL certificates.
  • Close examination of all internal links and pages for proper use of SEO keywords and check for potential guideline breaches.
  • Double check the implementation of critical elements including speed of loading pages, potential error messages, header and meta tags, and backlinks.
  • Review and evaluate the current setup of the website to optimize performance.
  • Compare your website against that of industry leaders and competitors to get a clearer idea of where you rank.
  • Discuss potential recommendations after reviewing your website for optimum performance.