A Guide to The Power of Earning Backlinks

Do you want your website to rank high in search engines? Then this post is for you. One thing you must do is know the benefits of backlinks. The question that is top of mind is how does one win these backlinks? This article will expose you to the rudiments, contrasts and significance of link building and earning to aid your Search Engine Optimization success.


It is an important tactic in Search Engine Optimization with the ultimate aim of raising the number as well as quality of links to your website from others. When a well-known website links people to your website, it’s like referring your website to the world. This has some similarities to influencer marketing in Social Media management where the goal is to let people Know You, Like You and Trust You (KLT factor) enough to patronize you. Link building helps you to do this and even more so when the link referring your website is from same industry as yours. It improves your reputation, search engine ranking and your website awareness just to mention a few.


Here are a few ways to optimize Link Building

  • Create convincing, distinctive content: This is ultimately the lynchpin for any link building strategy. When you have captivating, needful or distinctive content, you stand a better chance to be linked on the websites of others as you are valuable to their content and viewers. Be sure to use relevant keywords in your content so that it is easier to find.
  • Outbound Strategy: There is nothing wrong in contacting other website owners and persuading them to link your webpage on theirs. In fact this is easier when it is mutualistic and your content is valuable to their audience.
  • Take advantage of websites that allow you post as a visitor: There are many notable websites with lots of viewers who can make posts as guests as in a ‘user based content’ methodology. Leverage this to include backlinks to your website.
  • Virtual Forums and Communities: There are many websites you can leverage for link building, for instance with Quora, or Reddit, you can provide strategic comments and reviews and then cite your website with a referral link.
  • Client Review Sites: It’s easier to believe the authenticity and authority of your website when many people speak well of it. Sites such as Google My Business and Yelp help customers to provide reviews and testimonies


If you pay attention close enough, you’ll get the meaning from the term. Link earning somewhat portrays that your backlinks should be earned by your website due to its quality and relevance. With link earning, your website naturally attracts backlinks to itself.

How to Optimize Your Website for Link Earning

  • Create top-level, relevant content: As with link building, content is also at the heart of successful link earning. Although, the meaning of ‘quality’ is relative to your viewers, be sure to create content that is relevant to them. As a shepherd feeds his sheep, create your content with the mindset that your audience are the consumers.
  • Ensure that your content is sharable: Whether educational or entertaining or inspirational or whatever kind of content you create, let it be something that your audience can share after consuming.
  • Consistency: As with many life applications, consistency matters more than intensity. Regularly and consistently update your website.


Yes! Both link earning and building hope to increase the Search Engine Optimization of your website albeit they employ contrasting tactics and strategies to this. Link building is widely known as the Active Strategy because you are intentionally taking actions to encourage backlinks to your website whereas Link Earning does not require as much effort after the content is published by the creator. With link earning, backlinks come rather naturally.

Some dangers to avoid with Search Engine Optimization

Illegally purchasing links or spams blog comments can have dire punishments and fines. Rather than do unethical practices, stay abreast of reigning SEO trends and regulations.

Action Points: What must you do?

Wisdom is knowledge applied. It is not enough to just know, what you don’t apply will not work for you. Now what must you do to grow your Search Engine Optimization via backlinks?

  • Leverage Influencers with audience who find your content relevant. Also, use reputable websites that allow guest posting to win backlinks as with Link building.
  • Consistently update your website. Remember consistency will take you higher than just intensity.
  • Be a thought leader. Add your voice and words to relevant materials and use the platforms to draw backlinks to your site
  • Ensure that your content can be shared by your audience. Use call to action where necessary to encourage your viewers to share your content.


What you cannot measure, you cannot manage. It really is simple as that. It is important to monitor the numbers and metrics of your backlinks with tools like Google analytics, SEMrush, Moz. Monitor progress over a timeframe.

Key numbers that should concern you the most in this context include: Number of backlinks, Quality of backlinks, the range of your backlink profile whether you’re a startup or otherwise.


Search Engine Optimization is pertinent to help your website rank well among others and backlinks has a good influence on SEO. Apply the strategies in this article to improve the numbers and quality of your backlinks and consequently your Search Engine Optimization