What you Need to Know About Irish Twitter Redundancies

According to Leo Varadkar, the Irish Minister for Enterprise, Trade, and Employment, he has confirmed that there are 140 Twitter redundancies in Dublin. He was unable to state if there would be any further job losses.

The redundancy notice was received from Twitter today which indicated 140 redundancies from the social media giant.

Leo Varadkar indicated that he is deeply affected by this and his thoughts are with the staff who have been made redundant. However, he promised that they will receive assistance from the government, assistance with finding new jobs, and even starting a business if they so desire. The government will even help by providing additional training and education if any of the redundant employees are interested.

Even though he stated that he would be unable to say what will happen in the future, there aren’t any hints that more employees would be made redundant.

He was asked what the government would do in the event that Twitter collapses and he stated that it is much too soon to speculate on the state of Twitter.

However, he stated that regardless of what happens, the government will make full use of all platforms that exist. There are lots of different platforms that can be used besides Twitter and the government will use other channels if necessary. The government is not dependent on Twitter to communicate with the public. They will use these alternative platforms if necessary to share information and ensure that their messages are received and understood by the general public.

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