What Ireland Searched for on Google in 2022

Every year, Google publishes its Year in Search Results. Similar to results globally, search results for Ireland showed that Wordle, the online game, was very popular.

For 2022, Wordle earned the top spot as the most popular search overall. Heardle also ranked among the top 10.

The original Wordle game plus its six game variations took the top 10 searches in tech.

In the “How To” category, “how to spell askew” was in the top 10 searches. On April 25, this word caused a lot of frustration for players.

The largest story in the news was not a surprise. People in Ireland were obsessed with news on Ukraine after Russia invaded them in February.

In addition to “Russia” and “Ukraine,” “Vladimir Putin” and “what is an oligarch” also made the top of the most searched list.

As a lot of people felt a calling to aid those who were suffering in a warzone, “how to help Ukraine” came up high in the search ranks.

The year 2022 started with a tragedy. Ashling Murphy, a 23-year-old school teacher, was killed on January 12 when she was jogging in Tullamore.

Her tragic death shook the country as people grieved and held vigils to pay tribute to her. They led calls to end violence against Irish women.

Searches on Ashling Murphy’s name were among the highest number in frequency for 2022. This showed how much impact this story generated.

Celebrity deaths that generated a lot of Google searches include drummer Taylor Hawkins from Foo Fighters, Betty White from the Golden Girls, and Olivia Newton-John, singer and star of Grease.

And of course, when 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth passed away in September, she joined the list of the most searched people who died this year. Earlier in the year, she had just celebrated her Platinum Jubilee.

Then there is the pandemic. After living with it for almost three years, you would think most people would be very familiar with the testing process by now.

Search statistics says otherwise. Irish citizens searched a lot on how to schedule a PCR test, how to do your own antigen test, how to obtain a COVID vaccination certification, etc.

Ireland lifted most COVID restrictions in January. However, it seems many people have gotten used to entertaining at home. Searches on Netflix programs and cocktail recipes were very popular in Ireland.

The most popular cocktail recipe searched on was the “Pornstar Martini.” This is a staple in hen parties and it is wildly popular this year. This shows that people are choosing to entertain at home instead of socialising in a pub.

As people enjoyed their cocktails at home, they binged on Netflix programs like Inventing Anna and The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

In 2022, Hollywood did not disappoint in providing the populace with high drama on and off-screen, starting with the famous slap seen by millions.

After Will Smith slapped Chris Rock during the Oscars broadcast, he became the third most searched person for the year.

Then there was the high profile defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Social media buzzed with news on the trial everyday. So, no one was surprised that these two celebrities held the top two spots in people searches.

One of the most searched films was Don’t Worry Darling. This was due to the film’s tumultuous release and the fight between the film director Olivia Wilde and the leading actress Florence Pugh.

The Irish people still love their superheros as much as ever. The Batman earned the most searches for films, and the new Thor movie earned a top spot as well.

In sports, the World Cup held in Qatar topped the sports search list. Even before the tournament started, it was already deep in controversy.

Half of the top 10 searches relating to sports involved soccer. In July, Ireland’s victory against the Māori All Blacks stole the spotlight.

Then there was the deportation of tennis star Novak Djokovic by the Australian authorities just one day before the 2022 Australian Open in January. The tournament was the second most frequent sports-related search in Ireland.

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